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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Where did I put that?

If you create it would you want the credit?
Just a little info on how I keep track of all this digi stuff for scrapbooking.

There are several threads at different forums on the subject. I was lucky to get this info right away when I started so I have kept all the designer's names with the downloads that I have made through the months. If I made it I would want credit for it!! Stop Digital Piracy! It is good etiquette to give a detailed list of the items that you use. Some Galleries do not want you to post if you can not give a name to the designer. i.e. Gottapixel. BTW I love GP! I found an old thread there about this and I thought that I would respond as I am really busy with CT work and came up with my own system. I hope that someone finds it helpful. :) This is long but it saves time and aggravation in the long run

Gotta pixel post by CJozzy:

"Yes, definately stay on top of it. Do this as you go and you will be surprised.

...as I am on several CT's I need extra special care hee hee, And I post to more that 7 galleries :O

I only have scrapbookmax and windows XP, google picasa (it's free). so this is what I do.

I always create new folders when I download like this. I just select the little folder with the orange sun on it in the upper right of the dialog box in the save run option. Double click on the new file and make more files until I get where I need to be. or use the green folder up option to browse for the right file.

- website
--designer or commercial then designer
---kit name
And I keep all the TOU with each kit, sometimes they change info kit to kit! :O

If the kit is in parts I put it all in one kit unless it is super huge!

I keep the notepad open as I create and take note of the kits and designers The links to the stores if it is for a CT. All the jounalling. Then I save all the gallery post links to my LO's for every gallery in that.

i.e. designer _kit-_date_title of Layout
jounalling here
designer info - kit- element named
designer2 info etc.
ww-gallerylink3 etc.
ww-store link
ww-store link2 etc.

*then I cut and paste to the CT forums and the next gallery selecting what I need each time.
really saves time in the long run posting and uploading. ;)

Paper works for me. I use recipe cards that I 'jot' down all the info then I file them by designer and kit name in a card index file keeper.

I have several 3 ring binders each one a different CT. Some I have made up graphic design forms to and print out as I need them. I track all the blogs, stores, and forum links to that listed, e-mail addys, minimum requirement contracts etc., to do lists with check off boxes, calendars with goal due dates circled, charts with all galleries listed and dates posted to. Gotta Pixel gets the orange column ;)

I label the LO as I create the files 3-29_designer_kit_title that way the new ones 'float to the top'. I hate losing the new ones!!! Don't even ask about last weeks! -chuckle-

Burn CD's when I get a chance when I fill a CD(usually bi- monthly). Back up everything on CD color coded by Designer (I use the bulk CD's and paper sleeves) then color a stripe on them with markers. I permanent marker the CD's with all kit info and write on the empty paper sleeves. Viola!

Back up on the external hard drive also.

*** I have heard that the gold CD's hold the information better/longer something like that. The re-writable ones are the least stable media.

I use Picasa by Google, it can pull up a blue button or red or a paper or a designer etc. if you use key words. It takes time but when i hunt for that 'right' Brown button I don't get side tracked and I can stay up past midnight a little less. :::chuckle:: You can change the setting to 'See' .png or .psd files or anything you choose, not just .jpg

Happy Scrappin'