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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Little Spook halloween scrapbook sample freebie

Download the sample here
Angelwing transcendant QP here

Angel scrapbook page freebie- Transcendant

I needed a break from the other designs I was doing and this just developed while playing with the new software. I am really pleased with it. I am really an ecclectic scrapper and designer. I have no set style. I like a many different styles and types :) I hope that you enjoy this one. ;) The kit, Transcendant is coming soon. My son helped me to name the kit. I think that he did a great job.

We have been having a blast watching all the old scray movies this weekend. The halloween kit is still shaping up and will be up this week sometime. Happy haunting everyone. Down load QP here
Little spook freebie here and other freebies

Thursday, October 23, 2008

QP Little Spook for halloween

I picked up a copy of CS3 extended on the cheap in the new and used section at amazon on Monday and recieved it yesterday. I have been doing the tutorial for the last 2 weeks and really love it!!! So now I have been using both CS and PSPx2 and have come up with some new embies for my little spook kit for the scrapbookmax designers challenge this month.

Here is a new sneak peek and I still have to redo some of the papers cause they are not the direction that I want to go and do some more embies to fit the theme and style that I have :)

Download QP here
more freebies here

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Challenge Hunt of the Day

I found this fabulous freebie over at Digital Candy.ca where Christie Lemmon is hosting a "What's in the Pumpkin?" Challenge. she sets out a few requirements on color and elements and then you do a LO and upload to the gallery by October 26, so there are a few days more to go to get this fabulous kit, winter blanket, by Christie!!! I love her stuff!

Here is the link to the challenge over at Digital Candy.ca


more freebies HERE

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

STT Freebie Oogie Boogie

I am a part of the Sweet Tart Team at Digital Candy. Every month a group of new and budding designers with the help of some designers from Digital Candy get a kit made for you and it is FREE! This month has been Oogi Boogi for Halloween. Here is the kit preview. You must be registered at Digital Candy to pick it up and If you use it there is a special gallery there for Sweet Tart Team freebies in the product gallery that you may upload to. I know that we would love to see what you have come up with from the kits.
I am also working on another halloween kit , quick pages, and hybrid projects from the Scrapbookmax.com October designers challenge. So I will be continuing to continue working on that for the next few days. Previews and quick pages are on another post here on the bloggity blog :) Link to Digital Candy. You must register for free there.

Candycorn Quick page freebie

Here is another QP from the Scrapbookmax designer challenge for Oct. 08. I am playing with the colors and am making a halloween kit...coming soon. Here is a sneak peek preview of what I have so far. And 20 papers ;)

Kit-Coming Soon

Please help me to name my kit, leave suggestions if you have any ideas for me.

Title and journaling for preview only.

Download here

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spooky Quick Page

This is for the Scrapbookmax freebie designers challenge for October. I will be putting together the kit from this soon. I hope that someone likes it and can use it. ;)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I had spell of bad luck...computer virus and it crashed, I couldn't wait for the repair and picked up a cheap computer so I had to set it all up new and then the repair was not so expensive so I have the old computer too. They wiped out the old computer and rebooted it so I had that one to set up also. Then my scanner light blew out and I can not live without a scanner ;).

In the meantime I had all of that moving to do. Well the rental manager now has too many move outs to deal with at the mnoment so most of my belongings are out in the garage and now I can't use the garage building for my car now. I have to wait until December or January for the remodel. For a while there I thought that it would not happen at all so I guess late is better than never. In a way I hope that they can't get to it or I will feel obligated to not decorate or have the tree up for Christmas. But with all that, I had the blahs and I am still looking for a job so I hope that my quiet spell is over :)

Yesterday I actually had a stroke of luck. I found an inexpensive honest car mechanic, Sounds kind of funny together like that hee hee but I was on top of the world with glee I tell you!!! He even gives free estimates and said that he can make service calls in the area if a customer beomes stranded and it is a simple repair. oh Really? Wow! Also he has a friend that does tow calls for $45 and that is half price for around here. What? Really?!!! Woot! So I asked for a business card to spread the word and he did not have any so I offered to make one. I made a card up for him as a thank you. It is something he can print on his office computer until he can order some business cards.

Well my muffler is now quiet again and the windows go up and down. I also have heat for the winter. My blower fan and regulator had blown out in it. Last month I had to replace the serpentine belt and it was on too tight beacause the part was too new and needed to stretch a little so it was squeelling. He fixed it all and I had enough money to get my new printer/scanner. Phew! Now the dear son needs new contacts and a warm winter coat/parka. Columbia's are really the warmest and most popular around here and as he has a 20 minute wait for the bus on his way home from school he really needs a quality one. Twenty below zero in Februray in the dark is always just plain COLD BRRRrrrrrrr! I hope that we have a long Fall season :)

Did I mention that I have a Freebie for you? I did the DSO color challenge. I also have a trial copy of Cs3 extended and am falling in love with it. Much easier to manuever that PSP. Lots of Bells and Whistles too. So thank you adobe photoshop and atomic cupcake for the actions :)