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Monday, August 24, 2009

Speed Scrap

There will be a Speed scrap crop this Friday evening 7 PM CST/ 8 PM EST at Life-Scrappers.com Come join us in the forum for a fun evening of pleasant chat and win a prize. **Hint** the ad poster is mad ewith the bonus prize. We also have a free kit that is the second half of this kit for FREE for the Power Posting Challenge at Life-Scrappers. Just post 50 times total in the forum or the gallery and the kit is yours! So to get the complete kit complete both challenges. :)

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Two Freebies today

Heather, one of my wonderful CT ladies has made a couple of Quick pages for you today. You can check them out here and follow and go to her blog to pick them up. Click on the above image or go to Heather's blog HERE

Make sure to go to the home page to check out Bianca's alpha freebie that matches the kit HERE

Apple Barrel and freebie alpha

Hi everyone! I just want to say that Bianca of Project B Designs over at Scrapable.net and I got together to make an early fall/ start of school kit called Apple Barrel. It is really cute and has great papers and elements. I made my desktop background out of it and It looks WONDERFUL! Here are a few LO's made with the kit by me and my CT.

My Desktop background on my computer. Scraplift of Wendy85 from the Speed scrap on Sat night. This is my son last fall. My goodness time goes so fast. He is growing so fast!
Heather aka Danospookie Designs

Freebie From Bianca

Make sure to pick up the alpha freebie over on her blog HERE

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Free download a Day

Hey you don't want to miss this opportunity. Rachel, of Steel City Scraps, and Lina of LDrag Designs have teamed up together to do a FREE kit at Scrappity-doo-dah for the daily download starting today until the end of the month. This is gorgeous!!!
Daily download Aug 16-31 at Scrappity-doo-dah.com

Must be registered at the store to see the download and registration is free! How great is that?

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Diva De-lite and a sale

$1 Tweets Thurs and Friday August 13-14. Many kits just a buck! Got Java?, Sassytude! Grab them at this temporary price reduction.

Birds of a Feather Mega coordinating collab kits at Scrappity-doo-dah! Diva De-lite is my contribution each pack is only $1

Here I have a quick page or plop and print for you made with Diva De-lite. A special thank you to becky fleck and her page maps.
download 4 shared HERE

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sale! Diva De-lite

Hi everyone. I had a very busy day running around chasing for a prescription fill. I found out that insurance will not pay for a 1 1/2 5 mg pill fill per day but will pay for me to take 1/2 of a 15 mg pill instead so I had to have the script rewritten and then they did not have the 15's at the pharmacy I went to and I had to go to another one but finally in the end mission accomplished.

Got Java? is on sale today and tomorrow for just $1 and Sassytude as well. Also we have a new mega collab of matching kits coming to you from Scrappity-doo-dah! Mine is Diva De-lite for all of those lovely princesses and girly girls. woo hoo!

Coming to the Scrappity-do-dah Birds of a feather category late tonight or early Friday morning!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Got Java?

I have a quick page freebie for you and the previews of this HUGE kit! I did a collaboration with Laura M of Smooth Sailing Designs. This kit GOT JAVA is easy on the budget as it really big and has word art and two alphas with rich colors that can be used for most scrapping needs. Rich florals and fun elements. A very economical choice for purchases.

By Laura M , Smooth Sailing Designs, and Crystal's Creations. The digital scrap kit for friends and having coffee together. A wonderfully warming kit in rich browns, corals, reds, and teals all
coming together for those wonderful moments spent together over a cuppa joe. Got Java?

This is made with the quick page.
Download 4 shared HERE.
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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cappuccino Brownies Recipe

Helllllooooo.... giggle. I have now been working for about 2 months at a GM/Nissan dealership as a receptionist. Boy was it hard learning who takes which phones calls for what and all in the beginning. I was a case of nerves. Now that I am settled into the position a bit better I Have to tell you the scene from my angle. The new stimulus program C.A.R.S or as it is reffered to as "cash for clunkers". Is such a head ache. This is really a scary thing for the car dealerships. They have a TON of paperwork to file to get their money and if they don't get the paperwork in by Monday and into the government computer system by Monday night and everything just right they will not recieve this money. With the bankruptcy of GM we can't order any new cars in and the lot has practically been cleared out of the popular models of new cars. Which is actually good because they are selling the stock that they have in case the dealership has to close and then they will have less inventory to worry about and it is good for business in general. The dealership has to have a certificate from a junk yard stating that these cluncker cars have been destroyed, or at least the engines. The rest of the car can be recycled for parts. If they don't get these certificates from the junk yards in time they may not get their money. If the registration on the car was not up to date and there was an interruption in registration they may not get their money. If the computers are overloaded on Monday and they don't get these deals in on time they may not get their money.

And it is bad for these people too they have to sign a waiver that states they are responsible if the dealership does not get their money and their cars have already been destroyed!!!! They can bring back the new cars that have been purchased for something cheaper but their old car is gone.

This is good for the ecomomy but also has a few loop holes that can be a nightmare for the car dealerships. I think where I work we completed some car deals with the program in the first week multiply that by $3500 or $4500 and YIKES! I just hope that they are not left hanging through this. Well enough blab blah blah about the C.A.R.S. program.

I have a wonderful fantastic kit for you. I made a collaboration kit with LauraM of Smooth Sailing Designs at Scrappity- doo-dah.com GOT JAVA?? A wonderful warming kit with rich browns and corals, reds, and teals. Do you want to scrap pics of coffee with a friend and those shared moments over a cuppa joe? This kit is PACKED!

2 alphas
25 papers
4 worn and torn papers
7 word arts
several border cluster frames
over 50 elements

And it is on sale 36% OFF. right now. At $4.50 you are getting a marvelous deal on a rich and gorgeous scrapping product. :)

So what do I have for free for you. Why drag you here to my blog if not for a wonderfully delicious freebie? Glad that you asked. I have the most scrumptious recipe card scrapped up for you with the BESTEST brownie recipe perfect for a sweet treat with all of those cups of java.

Cappuccino brownies. These are very rich and have a coffee infused topping. Trust me! these are so great for the chocolate fix. They definately give a caffeine kick too. woo hoo! mrhahahahahaa. Quick fix tip... make the bottom layer from a box of brownie mix and just do the toppings.

This is two jpg images 5X7 plain card and double 5x7 (5x 10) printable recipe card.
Let me know what you think.
download 4 shared HERE