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Thursday, March 12, 2009

CD calendar continued, Thirfty Thursdays

We had a little excitement at my apartment. The maintenance men let the pest control guy in to set traps for the little critters and they told me that what I had caught were Vole's not shrews. Then a little black baby shrew ran across thier toes while he was setting the traps Oh MY! And I had kept the other critters too so they could see I was not making it up. And my traps seemed to work well with the peanut butter but nothing so far in thier traps. Mrhahahaha. Must have been scared away.

Well since I was in the hospital my son has went to live with my Brother and his family until my medications are back in place. I had to switch meds because the depression meds that I was on were affecting my heart. I miss the teenager. :( He is really really a good kid. If anyone feels comfortable sending prayers for him I would appreciate it. It's a lot of change for him this year. I am a single parent and his Dad also came back in the picture last March so he has had a big year.

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Faithfully Yours also a dollar.

Thank you Moni for these gorgeous LO's with Faithfully Yours! This was also the color palette from the Jan DSO color challenge so if you collected any of those kits this will coordinated very well, and only $1 Thursday only!

A Desktop LO I did with my Funshine freebie kit for Jeannette. This kit is still available in the archives.

LO's for Bloom Happy by Tammy, Kelly and Teri!!! Thank you girls!

AND.... the freebie. A continuation of the Pink-a-Dilly Calendar album. These fit in an acylic music CD case. Instructions are included. The other months are still available in the archives.
download at 4 shared HERE
Have a blessed Day!
I need to get to bed I was called in to work tomorrow for a temp job. Holy Moly will you look at the time? Nite All!- Hugs, Crystal

Sunday, March 8, 2009

3-08-09 DSO color challenge rocks it!

Well I had some visitors this weekend in my apartmaent but not who you would think! Ucky I had a little rodent problem yet again in the apartment. The ground is warming up a bit and the little creatures must be on the move and looking for food. I live on the outskirts of a metro are near some farms and fields, and meadows and there all all kinds of creatures that make their way into my backyard. No worries I'll share, just NOT in my house, well... apartment. LOL!

If anyone has heard of The Taming of the Shrew" or use the noun Shrew as a means of describing someone mean or uncooperative then let me tell you. These little critters are MEAN! and they bite and they come out in daylight and are not really that afraid of people. I get them in the fall sometimes as well. I am standing my ground this time and want those holes patched up by maintenance. I am so sick of them.

They say that they will even chew off thier own feet to escape those glue traps. UG!

Well, here I was on Friday night and the buses have stopped running and my car was out of commision (again). and I was sitting having a bowl of chicken chili and cornbread with my heighbor friend Dawn and out peeks this critter from around the corner. OMG!

What to do! OMG! Dawn, I say, "Dawn, lift your feet up!" hmmm that was met with a "What?" But once I explained the situation she shrieked and had her feet up under her. LOL!

We went for a nice long walk out in the spring air, listening to the birds chirp and the melting snow waters trickling to the gutters. Smelt so fresh and new. Ahh bliss. At that point I just needed to get out of the house for a little bit.

Well I called my brother and he came over with a few of those old fashioned mouse traps for my to set. I had never done that before, I always have used the live traps to be kind and set them free but I am fed up with the nasty little things!

At two am one of the traps went SNAP! and I thought phew! got him. So I was wrapping things up to get to bed and SNAP! again...caught a second one and that is why I ended up staying up most of the night...

I could not sleep so I made my DSO color challenge for you with Kim B's wonderful scrumptious colors inspired by the lovely spring air and weather. Please feel free to use this kit for your color challenge layouts or to mix and match with the other kits as well!!! :D

Download 4 shared funshine1 HERE:
funshine2 HERE

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

DSO color challenge feb 09 funky feeling freebie

Phew, I made it up today, I was so busy catching up on things from being in the hospital I did not think that I would get to this today but I put on a little quiet music and now I have it all ready and I am heading to bed right on my bed time too. :) Doctors orders! just did not realize how evil and addictive this digital scrapping can be. Now I am out of my rut and can have a balance, chores first, playing later. Rahhahahahahaaaaaaa, oh my ;)

This is what I made my LO with...Funky Feelin! I hope that it tickles your fancy. I could have created with these colors forever but alas, the month is already gone.

I had absolutely NO computer access the 8 days that I was in the hospital. Talk about withdrawl. But now I will treat the puter as a tool not the BE ALL! ;) Good luck fello scrappers, and designers. chuckle. I know how hard it is from one deadline to the next, especially for us stay-at-homers.

Download 4 shared= 25 mg each

DSO color challenge LO

I am back from the hospital and feeling much better!!!

I made a small kit for the DSO color challenge and I should have that ready for you sometime tomorrow.
So I am squeeking in a LO for the challenge tonight to get credit for the challenge. I had no time to QC, zip, upload and preview since I have been back, I wanted to spend some time with my munchkin since I saw him once in the 8 days that I was in there. We had a fun day today :D
We had ***thunder snow*** on Thursday. It was a lightning and thunder storm while snowing....VERY WEIRD!!!
Come back tomorrow for the kit that I made this with....FUNKY FEELINGS :D