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Saturday, September 27, 2008

9-27 technical difficulties again

There are too many to name. I will be back soon with the daily download. :) And I am still packing my belongings into the garage so they can remodel my unit busy, busy.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

9-24 Wow 24th already oh My Gosh!

What a day, I am so so glad that it is winding down and will be over soon.
Download HERE

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

9-22 daily download #7

Well, I made progress on the packing and moving for the remodel. I now have my garage more full of stuff, and more stuff, LOL. I thought that it was full before! Wow, was I wrong. Funny thing, I now have three closets half full mrahahahahaaaaa, oh my. Can we say Clutter Queen? I thought so ;) hmmm. I am definately going to participate in the Flylady 21 fling boogie! I know I tossed at least 21 things today. yippee. I have a stash for a sale and some for charity as well. My what a person can accumulate in nine years+ GOODNESS!

Now for the daily download more birthday bash. I have been so busy packing I thought that I would have more time to design some unique things but I did not get very far. Life happens :)

Download Day 7: Here

9-21 daily download #6

Well. I wore myself out packing and moving things for the remodel I was so tired I took myself to bed really early so I am posting now in the morning before church.

Download day 6: HERE

Saturday, September 20, 2008

9-20 Sweet Saturday DD #5 Birthday Bash

Here is the Daily download for
Day 5: HERE
The "Challenge of the Day" will post later in the day.
Back to Crystal Creations By Design for Day 1,2,3,4 , other challenges and goodies.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

9-19 birthday bash daily download Day 4

Yes, I have started packing and I wore myself out. I need to find the sleep place. hmmm. Here is the daily download... I have been working on candles and a streamer border overlay and swirl patterned papers.

We have the lovliest weather right now... sunshine and nearly 80 degrees F. I love September. The leaves on the soft maples are golds and oranges and that smell is in the air. You know the one. Autumn. sigh.

Day 4 Here

Day 5 available tomorrow ;)

Back to Crystal's Creations By Design home; for the challenge of the Day.

Beth has something new and just perfect for Autumn. Sophisticated Sunflowers her paper pack and Alpha are part of the 'gotta grab it' sale for $1 at gottapixel.com
Sale LAST DAY! 9-19-08

Credits: Sophisticated Sunflower papers and alpha kits by Beth Kern

Photo corners, eyelet ribbons, and zig zag stitch are scrapbookmax software content.

Flower and button Petit Moineaux- freebie- no longer available

9-19 challenge of the Day Recipe cards- continued

I made some more recipe cards for the blank recipe card digital scrapbooking challenge at DSO, Digital-scrapbooking.org I hope that you join in on the exchange and get all of the cards made. All of mine were created with Kim B.'s color challenge posting bonus kits. Link to recipe challenge at DSO
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9-18 Challenge Hunter blank recipe card exchange woot!!!

Yesterday on my B-day I was awarded with the I heart your blog award by Paula PKdoll. I am crying just thinking about it. It made my day. :D I need to get it up on my blog soon and find some blogs to hand off the award to. You can comment with your blog addy and I can have a peek. I love discovering new blogs and such.

OK fellow scrappers, back to DSO for a recipe card exchange. here are mine and all you have to do to snag all the lovely scrap recipe cards complete the challenge and it is all yours. How great is That??
Link to challenge at DSO, digital-scrapbooking.org : HERE
Daily download #1,2,3 Birthday Bash: HERE

9-18 Daily Download Birthday Bash

Hi Ya! Well I have a new computer and I reconditioned the old one so I have a task to get the splitter going to have the connection on both computers. I love to dabble. Isn't it amazing all the computer tech things that we have picked up with this interest/hobby/obsession of ours. LOL My electronics wish list is so unbelievably HUGE!!! ROFL :P

A birdie told my that Adobe CS4 is coming out!! weeee! so CS3 $ will go down now too. So Cool!!!

I heard that my apartment is up for remodeling. i am a clutter critter! Holy Moly!!! What a job. I have to pack most everything up and put in the garage and I might be getting new carpets, new kitchen cabinets, new dining room flooring, new shower faucets and head, new bathroom vanity, and blinds to replace the curtains throughout. Did I mention Paint???? Yeah that too. And everything out of the closets too. Phew. I will be so busy packing and moving furnishings. But it will be so worth it, I have been here for ages and plan to be here at least another 4 years. It will be really really worth it in the end. great big stretch and sigh :P

ok ok enough chatter, here is the birthday kit. I am late tonight but I will be pre-posting in the advanced settings so it goes through every night at midnight CST, Minneapolis, USA time zone. So everything will be ready to go each night on 12:01 :D So any one who subscribes to my blog via e-mail just come on over and pop in for your challenge hunter freebies and daily download each day so that you do not miss them.

Yes, I have noticed that the e-mails lag a day behind so I am re-posting Day 1 link for the peeps who missed it from this delay. Just drop me a line if you have any troubs with my designs. i am soo sooooo willing to work with things, ok sweets that's it.
Day 3: Here
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

9-17 Challenge of the Day DSO

DSO has the best color challenge! and I found a cool freebie today as well. Look at this cool shaper- matt thingy. This is the bonus participaction prize at Digital-Scrapbooking.org for the September template challenge. Cool template sketch too!
Hugs ,
Daily download Birthday Bash is available on CrystalCreationsByDesign.blogspot.com

9-17 Daily Download

Well I had the birthday and really now that I am 40+ it really is not a big thing anymore. I was getting out the box mix of my fav. cake, a German chocolate one , gotta have cake, with the pecan coconut frosting you know the one. A girl friend stopped by, no she did not remember it was my b-day she wanted a ride AGAIN as she does not drive or have a car. but she ended up treating me out to lunch and it was really a nice treat. I was planning on just taking myself after all. So I had no time to bake my cake and took my son to his soccer match and then he did not feel well and when he got home he went up for a nap. His friend came over and the biggest loser show was on so being teenagers that they are they were cutting up about the FAT ones on the show. I was deeply offended. so my bought cake never came out of the kitchen. :Ppppp

I texted my 'just friends' boyfriend and wished him a happy birthday as his is tomorrow. You would think that he could remember someones birthday as it is only one day off from his but no.

I called my brother and asked about the kid's activities for the week and then after general chit chat asked if he wanted to come over for cake and he said, "What for? ROFL I was just testing and it really makes me laugh as this is just the same old birthday replayed every year. LOL!

So I am another year older. la dee da, ok if you say so. time to have my annual present hopefully a clear mammogram test. :) I am so glad to have some cyber friends because I had so many well wishes on the boards I frequent (Scrapbookmax and Digital Candy). Really made my day. Thanks Yvonne, Fiona, and Carol, Rachel and Patty and Thanks all who left me birthday greetings!! Hugs, Crystal

Daily download

Thanks for all of the lovely comments! I Appreciate it.

Day 2: Here

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9-16 Challenge of the day Cookie template #50 SweetShoppeDesigns

I have chosen this lovely cookie decorating 101 #50 LO template by Scarlet Sierra at Sweet shoppe Designs. they have gorgeous templates every two weeks or so! How great is that?

Link to challenge at Sweet Shoppe Designs for download of the cookie template.

9-16 Today is my DAY! weeeeeee! hee hee

Well I made it another year around the sun. LOL. Today is my birthday and I am starting a new daily download... BIRTHDAY BASH. I am still new to designing and to PSP so I will be adding to the kit as I learn and find tutorials within the next two weeks. A Special thanks to Jan Lewis of Purrcat Designs for the PSP balloon tutorial. I ran with it and made a rippled balloon. They are transparent balloons. I can give anyone the solid ones, just drop me an e-mail Crystal2joz@gmail.com.

So far I have curled ribbons, solid papers with textures, basket weave papers, dotty papers in rich dark colors. Adding daily as I go along. This daily download set ends Sept. 30, 2008

Happy scrappin,
Crystal Jozlin

daily download Day #1: Here

Monday, September 15, 2008

9-15 Last download paper pack for Sunkissed

Last Day! (4 Papers) I hope that you will enjoy my kit.
day 17: LAST DAY: Here

9-15 challenge of the day

Colorline Designs has template challenges every other week. And if you complete 3 Layouts within the month you can get the monthly collab kit also. How Great Is That?? Available as a download in .png and .psd formats! Woot!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

9-14 Challenge of the Day

Back to Colorline Designs again today. They have the most amazing collab kits up in a challenge.

This month's...

Link to challenge: Here

If you were able to do the three Layout challenges last month in August they gave this kit away and then you are eligible to do the quickpage exchange. This month they are using the birthday August collab kit, above, for a keyplate mini album quick page exchange. Cool huh?

go to: Colorline Designs

9-14 Daily download sunkissed

The sunkissed daily download will be wrapping up tomorrow :D The last set of papers will be Monday 9-15 Make sure to check in on Tues. 9-16 it is a SPECIAL day hee hee.
daily download part 16: no longer available

I thoroughly enjoyed the speed scrap challenge Fri. and Sat. at Digital Candy. I recieved an awesome bonus mini kit, Aubrey, by JenLin and Michelle. I was also given two coupons to designers' stores. yippee!

Something special for Monday as it is the Sunkissed last day. A bigger paper pack than the rest of the daily downloads. :D New daily download to start on 9-16 plus something special.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Speed Scrap Digital Candy 9-12 and 9-13

Come join me at the speed scrap at Digital Candy tonight and tomorrow.


download day 15: no longer available

Happy Scrapping,

9-12 Challege of the Day

Designing-moments.net has their fourm and gallery up and running again. WOOT!
Fantacy has an AWESOME freebie template and challenge for you!

got to challenge forum thread: here

Daily downloads on the home page

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9-12 sunkissed day downloads 13 and 14

I am behind today we are sick so I will post day 13 and 14 tonight before I get to bed.

....12:40 am here and just starting on it. My computer CPU crashed this afternoon and I am trying to redo previews and install software on the new comp. sigh. I am behinder. LOL.

Thanks Bev for shooting me an email. :)

ok here we finally are. Running after computers, taking mine in for repair, getting to the Dr. chasing to the soccer game. PHEW! And taking a moment for silence and the 9-1-1 peace walk.

Here is day 13 and day 14
Download Day 13: not available

Download day 14: not available

Check out the new forum for some fun challenges at Designing-moments.net links on the

home page for the Challenge of the Day

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

9-10-08 Challenge of the Day- Soups

I know, I love the recipe exchanges but the ladies put up some yummy cheesy soups at digital candy and it is COLD here and soup sounds good.

Digital Candy has a monthly recipe exchange and this month the category is SOUPS! Yum. :D Wisconsin cheese soup, cheesy potato. Yum, and they did such a good job scrapping their cards too :) My card if I get it done with be potato chowder with ham. Anyone have a good gumbo one to share? Digital Candy Link to challenge forum here and download the recipe cards :D

9-9-08 Brisk day here

Brisk autumn air here in Minnesota, USA. I went out to the bus this morning at 7AM to 40 degree Fahrenheit weather. YIKES! BBRRRRRRrrrrrr! I guess even some peeps had some frost in the valleys and shadows. I had to drag out my denim jacket out of the closet. pout. The thing I like the best about warm weather is the fact that I can walk out of the house as is with no bundling up. Oh sigh. Here it comes. I think I will get a pair of ice skates this year or take up skiing.

I am in the mood for soup. Speaking of soup... Digital Candy has another recipe challenge there and you can pick up the scrapped recipe cards too. I would love to see some more good recipes of your favorites from your corner of the world! Just click on the link for the challenge of the day below the daily download. Now for the daily download... Day 12/ twelve only: LINK NO LONGER AVAILABLE
continue down for the challenge freebie of the day
or back to the home page for the Challenge freebie of the day.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Challenge of the Day- Recipe exchange

Rachel has a new SWEET kit out. Not So Sugar Free. And a recipe exchange challenge for you as well. And she has an add-on to the kit!!!! So anyone wanting the recipe for Triple Chocolate Truffle Cookies will have to join in the exchange to get the recipe because BABY these cookies ROCK! Come on ... I know how you love Chocolate!

Link to challenge thread is: here.

Daily Download Day eleven

here we are with almost the last of the sunkissed kit. I will be wrapping this up soon and on the 16th I will start a new kit. Wonder what it is? Ha! I'm not telling...yet. bwahahahahaaaa. The 16th is a special day... download day 11 here: No Longer available
Challenge of the day freebie here

Sunday, September 7, 2008

9-7 Challenge freebie of the Day- Color Line Design

I am on a new CT. Andrea Boyer- Boyerville Scraps is starting out as a new designer she has some really great goodies for you in her stores. Catch a kit dedicated to her and her family- Let's connect. From all of these great designers...

Let's Connect is the collaboration of Amy Sumrall, Ellie Lash, Flergs, Franziska Altmann, Heather Manning, Kim B's Designs, Krystal Hartley, Lost Gurlz Venture Designs, mgl Scraps, Miss Crow, Moon Scraps, Polka Dot Plum, Sugarplum Paperie, Tracey Monette, Web Designz by Kristi and Wenchd Grafix.Woot! I have Layout of the Day 8-25 at Designs in Digital for This desktop for a focus on word art. This was for the September Rock your desktop at GottaPixel and I will get a coupon to use in the Gottapixel store for completing the desktop Layout challenge there. How great is that?Boyerville scraps is at Color Line Designs

Designs in Digital

Faith Sisters

and also Andrea has a new collab as a Sunflower with Dani's Delusions at Sunshine Studio Scraps- Get in Gear.

Challenge of the Day

Come join us at Color Line Design in completing three or more of thier challenges to receive this gorgeous girly kit for FREE! How great is that? Click on the image to go to CLD.

Sunkissed day 10 now a daily download

Sunkissed day ten link: no longer available
Challenge freebie of the day here

Saturday, September 6, 2008

9-6 Monday links gone- Sunkissed Day Nine

Challenge of the Day

Digital Candy has a great freebie for you in the freebie template challenge this month. I have to do mine I just love her template! Do you want to see it?

OK I'll let you peek!

Link to challenge thread here

While you are there at Digital candy check out the sugarbabe scrap awards Sunday night! Entries are closed but the winners will be announced soon. :) The back to school special challenges are going on and we made these cute backpacks from templates. This weekend there is a back to school olympics with freebies from the Digital Candy Designers and coupons and Gift Certificate awards. ENDS SUNDAY night. It's a blast!
Challenges are here
spoiler- TOMORROWS Challenge of the Day is at CLD.

Day Nine here

day 1-8 here

I am cleaning my 4shared account.

All links will be removed on Sunday for all freebies.

Monday 9-8-08 through 9-16-08 Sunkissed will be a Daily download only each day.

Last chance for Sunkissed. :)

New daily download will start on Sept 16, 2008. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Freebies on the home page

links download

Apologies, sunkissed delayed

I just have doubts whether to continue the sunkissed freebie. I see only 20 some people have picked it up and hardly anyone leaves any comments. I really, really would be interested to see LO's or projects made with my things so if you want to maybe send a link by e-mail or a comment it would be a GREAT thing ;)***Thank you Liz*. ***

Download day 8- eight: here

more freebies : here

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9-2 DSO Sept color challenge

Boyerville Scraps- Old Country Schoolhouse and items from my mini kit as below.

Hi all, I am so happy to have the kiddo back in school, Phew! such a long summer as I have been home also. Here is a little mini for the DSO color challenge. Thanks Kim for the great colors and bonus posting gifty.

Download here

No hotlinking- send others here to my blog please.

Please feel free to mix and match with other kits.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Fall Forevermore

As a part of the Digital Candy sweet tart team I am happy to introduce the September freebie kit. Fall Forevermore.

It is available to registered members of Digital Candy.ca and registration is free. Also at digital candy join us in some challenges and a fun game of bingo. A must is to check out the speed scrap! I participated and picked up a door prize and had an absolute blast!!! You earn points for product gift certificates each month and there is a power posting bonus too. Get points for posting layouts, comments and participating in the forum...How GREAT is that?

Here is my portion of the kit. Link to Forum is HERE