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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

5-14 Crystal Challenge Hunter

Well I had a blast on Mother's Day after standing in 50 degree farenheit weather in the cold and rain all day Saturday the sun finally was out doing what it does best and letting loose with some awesome rays on Sunday. Minnesota weather is anything but predictable and after such a snowy winter Iam so so so so glad for green grass and I'll even take the mud. I see that the tulips are in full bloom right now and will last just a few more days so photo project is my goal for tomorrow.

Anyway Mother's day turned out alright as my son needed to be in the Twin Cities for a soccer tournament that weekend and he even had a shot at a goal at one point. woohwee! Many goal by many of the guys on the team made it worth the time and after a few poor seasons it was oh so splendily great to win a few games. I scrapped up a few pages to commemorate the occasion. The above Layout is a sub-style i like to call embellished photo, not quite a scrapbook page, more graphic and a single photo with embellished elements.

So since we had time in between the games we had to do something and not expend too much energy so ta da! Barnes and Nobel book store here we come. There really is not much out there in print on our great hobby of Digital Scrapping but I did find a copy of Digital Scrapbooking magazine put out by Creating Keepsakes. A great read!!! There was an article/ad by Kuler.adobe.com and WOWZERS! I love it. As a budding designer I need a little inspiration where color is concerned and presto what a neat toy! I am totally in Love with this site!!! You can view swatches, create, adjust , search by key words and download the swatches as an .ase file that goes straight into CS2 and CS3 as a SWATCH! no copy and paste, no typing hex codes ah ha! Love it. How great is that?

Time to play and check out their tutorial too while you are there.

I created a few color swatches and ask that you find a moment to register, play, and VOTE FOR ME! ha ahahahaaha ;)
search for cjozbydesign for my swatches
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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.