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Monday, July 28, 2008

Computer on the blionk and GAME ON!

Well my computer is on the blink and not behaving right now so I don't have a freebie yet for you. I have been away since friday and just got home and I tell you... I am tired. Here is why... My son Mike is in soccer and the team went to districts last week and won so we are now at the Summer State Tournament. I have been driving for hours every day and here we go...

Fri. > set off for the Twin Cities for game one, tied 1-1 (4 pts) drove home late.

Sat. > up at 4 am and set off back up and had game two at 9am won 7-0 total (14 points)
>11am set off for another 4 hour drive to central Minn., Willmar, MN. My friend there has an awesome lake home. 6 PM I was out on the lake and tubing behind the speed boat. woohoo! Mike had a blast. stayed up late around the campfire.

Sun. > caught fish and had fresh catch for lunch yum. drove 3 hrs south to Sleepy Eye, MN dragged out the air mattress yet again. Friend there took pity on us and let us spend the night. Drove by the Laura Ingalls historial thingy. Too bad I was so tired and the camera was packed.

Mon. Both cells are dead and out of range of our phone co. and won't charge for some reason. hmmmm maybe it was Mike's going through the washer. hee hee. drove 3 hrs home and had 25min before catching the game bus back up to the National Sports Center in Blaine. Tied the undefeated not scored on team 1-1 phew! We are now sitting neck to neck where there is a possibility for any of us and the top 3 teams to continue to the campionship on Friday.

So it is still game on and anybody's game. Final game on Wed. for Mike. what a tension packed game tonight.Well, I thought I would be up tonight but I am wiped and that glass of vino did it's magic, so nite luvs!


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