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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Glitter Hearts Commercial Sample

Isn't funny how life can turn around on you one minute you have nothing interesting going on and maybe you are on the verge of boredom or have fallen into the doldrums already. But then something unexpected happens and life seems so full? Then you are overwhelmed because there are just too many things to do? Oh, my Gosh!! This week was busy.

They remodelled my kitchen cupboards on Tues. and I had a couple of days notice to pack up all of my things. I really did not realize how much stuff I had lurking in those cupboards and shelves. Isn't it weird what you can accumulate in nine years.

OK, so I made it through the crunch and I am getting my products ready for the store... shhh I still am keeping it to myself until I get my products in there.

I opened up my e-mail today and another site has contacted me about an opportunity there also.

Sometimes it just comes in droves!!! ;) I am so excited!

Well, among all of this craziness I still have not put up the Christmas tree I was waiting on the remodel and then it was SUPER cold out...-17 below Brrrr. I did not want to go out to the storage building and poke around in the dark for my stuff and then haul things inside... well this weekend's forecast is ...........LOTS MORE SNOW! I am down to the minute and need to get this done.

Oh yeah, and in some 'me time' I figured out how to do felt elements and glitter so here is a sample and I am doing it as a CU commercial use item. All of the layers are separated into individual .png layers and I also included the colored element as well. How Great is That?

I did the packaging for this, What do you think, I think it turned out all right.

Download CU sample HERE
more HERE


Mommy Addicted to Scraps said...

You did a great job on the packaging Crystal!! I love mine, its so easy to use!! Cute heart :)

Melanie said...

Your packaging looks great, Crystal! Can't wait to see where you'll be selling! Congrats!