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Thursday, September 18, 2008

9-18 Daily Download Birthday Bash

Hi Ya! Well I have a new computer and I reconditioned the old one so I have a task to get the splitter going to have the connection on both computers. I love to dabble. Isn't it amazing all the computer tech things that we have picked up with this interest/hobby/obsession of ours. LOL My electronics wish list is so unbelievably HUGE!!! ROFL :P

A birdie told my that Adobe CS4 is coming out!! weeee! so CS3 $ will go down now too. So Cool!!!

I heard that my apartment is up for remodeling. i am a clutter critter! Holy Moly!!! What a job. I have to pack most everything up and put in the garage and I might be getting new carpets, new kitchen cabinets, new dining room flooring, new shower faucets and head, new bathroom vanity, and blinds to replace the curtains throughout. Did I mention Paint???? Yeah that too. And everything out of the closets too. Phew. I will be so busy packing and moving furnishings. But it will be so worth it, I have been here for ages and plan to be here at least another 4 years. It will be really really worth it in the end. great big stretch and sigh :P

ok ok enough chatter, here is the birthday kit. I am late tonight but I will be pre-posting in the advanced settings so it goes through every night at midnight CST, Minneapolis, USA time zone. So everything will be ready to go each night on 12:01 :D So any one who subscribes to my blog via e-mail just come on over and pop in for your challenge hunter freebies and daily download each day so that you do not miss them.

Yes, I have noticed that the e-mails lag a day behind so I am re-posting Day 1 link for the peeps who missed it from this delay. Just drop me a line if you have any troubs with my designs. i am soo sooooo willing to work with things, ok sweets that's it.
Day 3: Here
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